Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thinking about SPRING...

Spring tends to come early where we live... and it lingers. My favorite part about Spring is the flowers. Yesterday morning I spent a few minutes trying out the macro features of my camera. I was able to catch some of the colors of spring from the flowers around the house. I know to some this may be a bit of a boring post, but hey, to those of you still in the winters of what should be Spring - Enjoy!

Tulips are my favorite. When the weather begins to hint that Winter is waining and one is wanting Spring - these flowers poke their little leaf buds through the thawing ground. They endure winters last tries at snow and slowly, oh so slowly, bloom to welcome in Springs arrival.

Meet "Big Red". The girls have named him such. He towers at least 8 inches above the rest of the tulips in the pack. Each day they beckon to him as they leave for school, "Hey Big Red - you're looking tall and grand today!"

The red and yellow flowers are bright and warm. Some have combined the two colors to stand with extra flair.

Bidding the sunrise good morning these happy flowers catch the sun and soak it in. I too love to throw open the shades and let the morning sun flood the living room and slowly warm the house.

Pink is another color found in the garden. The pinks above smell similar to lilacs and its scent lingers in the air. Its my favorite in the garden because it is so hardy and blooms in full shade and full sun and it blooms all year long. Here it is in a bud-like state. Probably two more days and it'll be in bloom. This plant's name has eluded me over the years - does anyone know?

The other pink that is fun to watch unfold are the flowers of the Bleeding Hearts.

These are the leaves of my favorite shrub. They are a bright chartreuse yellow-green in the spring and then fade to a true chartreuse green in the summer. I love the contrast it provides to all the other foliage in the garden.

Lastly are the blues that rise up from this ground cover. Waves upon waves of blue greet anyone who comes to our front door. Soon as summer settles in, the flowers will fade and I'll be left with a leafy ground cover. But for now - I'll breath in the flowers and smile. Spring is in full bloom.


Chris and Audra said...

wow!! WE barely are starting to get green grass. I have seen a few tulips, but spring is slow in coming this year. Your pictures are beautiful!

dcscrivy said...

So pretty, your camera takes great pics. I need a little gardening tutorial here at my house, do you have any openings for a student with a brown and cracked thumb?

Jen said...

Those are some very impressive pictures.

Now where's our how-I-didn't-know-I-was-pregnant-and-then-I-found-out story?

I'm waiting.

Lost in the Laundry said...

Jen - You're gonna have to call me.

Lowd and Proud said...

Okay...so I checked your blog and you have not updated for an entire year!!! Just thought it was kinda funny. :)